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Spring 2018

Now Is The Time To List Your Boat

Maritime Ship & Yacht Brokers - Featured Listing Professional yacht brokers are frequently asked: when is the 'best' time to list a boat?

The answer is now!

The annual boat marketing season in Canada begins with the Toronto Boat Show (January) & the Halifax International Boat Show in the east (February). While internet marketing is important, and by its nature without a season, boat shows and the exposure that they provide are important too. That is particularly so as they address local markets which are the strongest ones for any broker. High boat transportation costs, associated with high fuel prices, make that particularly so. Waiting until spring to list your boat will deprive you of some important marketing opportunities.

And if you are contemplating listing your boat for sale, now is the time to make sure she is as ready for showing as the winter season allows: cleanliness counts; as does a good winter cover. Nothing turns off prospective buyers quite like mildew and a bilge full of ice.

In this (buyer's) market, 'priced-right' is more than 'half-sold'.
An asking price should never be more than 10% greater than the true (current) market value of a boat. It is our experience that overpriced boats simply get passed over by prospective buyers. The asking price has to be realistic or offers will simply not be forthcoming. I tell clients that the internet is a 'double-edged' sword: it allows us to promote their boat over a wide area via the various websites to which we subscribe, but it also does not allow us to get away with asking prices that are significantly 'out of line' with those elsewhere.

An experienced yacht broker can be of help to you with all of this.

Remember: 'A qualified broker is your best protection'.

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