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Spring 2017


Maritime Ship & Yacht Brokers - Featured Listing If you are considering selling your boat, or if she is already on the market, this is an important time of the year. Besides the usual excitement of readying your boat for the water, readying her for the market may involve more than your usual effort.

It is with the latter in mind, that I offer the following suggestions.

For potential buyers, first impressions are important. Ideally you have either scrubbed the bottom of your boat in the fall or had it pressure-washed. If not, the first order of business after the cover comes off should be to clean-up the bottom and prepare it for paint. If you get it painted early, before spring showings, all the better. Just be mindful of the type of bottom paint that you are using and how soon after application the boat must be launched so as not to diminish its' effectiveness.

Marine growth and discoloration of the boottop and topsides should be the next priority. Even if the final buffing and waxing (for a fibreglass boat) comes later, make her look cared-for.

On deck, start with a scrub-down. Get rid of the winter grime, leaves and so on. Make sure that deck & cockpit drains are clear. Assess the condition of any 'bright-work' and plan on addressing serious cosmetic issues there too.

In over thirty-eight years of showing boats for sale, I have learned that nothing turns clients off more than mildew, wet cushions and/ or a bilge full of murky water or ice. A good winter cover with adequate ventilation will go a long way to preventing all of the above.

I have often said that a good marine survey begins with the nose. Pay attention to the smells of your boat.

It only makes sense. A sour, mildew smell suggests a lack of ventilation at best, deck and window leaks at worst; diesel smells (or worse, gasoline smells) suggest fuel leaks; and we need not even mention the foul smell potential of heads and holding tanks. A sweet smelling, clean interior is a marketing dream. Do yourself and your broker a favour: make her smell clean and fresh.

There is much else to be considered. In every area of your boat there is an opportunity to make her worthy of consideration by prospective buyers. It's all about attending to the details. Take some interior photos of your boat and notice what stands-out. Often some easily addressed cosmetic detail shows up in photographs more vividly than it does when one is aboard.

An experienced broker can be of great help in this regard. When I inspect new listings, I often make suggestions to the owner of things that can be done that will make the boat more appealing. The suggestions are usually minor matters overlooked by long-standing owners. There are many elements to the service that a qualified yacht broker provides. By all means, take advantage of them. Your boat will sell faster and you will get a better price as a result.

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